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                  Why I am Not for Nooshin Meshkaty


Nooshin Meshkaty continues to bemoan the fact that the immense Cheval Blanc project was not passed.


The following has actually been set forth under write-ups on other candidates but it will be repeated here:


Nooshin Meshkaty, Myra Demeter, and Alissa Roston were all on teh Board of Education in 2006 when they were wined, dined, and duped by Karen Christiansen whom they carelessly approved to be a school construction consultant without investigating her.   


They failed to determine that Christiansen was self-dealing and allowed her to persuade the Board to approve a school bond, Measure E, for $334M.  But due to their poor judgment and a failure to oversee, our school system lost millions of dollars, litigation ensued, and ultimately a criminal prosecution was brought against Christiansen.  Christiansen ended up being sentenced to 4 years in prison. 


During the terms of Meshkaty, Demeter, and Roston on the School Board, test scores went down, debt went up, teacher pay went down, resident involvement went down, less people moved into the city for our schools, and more residents began to enroll their children in private schools.  Myra and Nooshin attempted to cover up the problem by pushing through opportunity permits and accepting children from outside of Beverly Hills, but the permits were not distributed randomly or fairly.  


Despite their poor performances on the Board of Education, and the Christiansen scandal which ensued and impaired our district’s reputation, Meshkaty, Demeter, and Roston now think they should be elected to city council.

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