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                                      Why I’m for Sharon Persovski,      

                   Former Architectural Commissioner


Not everyone is a politician.  In fact, the better character a person has, the worse she may be at acting like a politician.  Sharon Persovski is not a phony talk-show-host-like candidate because she is genuine.    


I spoke to many people, trying to find out more about Sharon.  Unlike the other candidates I investigated, everyone I spoke to who knew Sharon had something good to say about her. 


People have talked to me to try to figure out who to vote for and they ask, “Who is the lesser evil?”  But we should not elect people who are lesser evils and we know are not good enough.  This is especially true when we can all vote for someone who is known to others as a good, hard-working and kind person.  Good people can always figure out the right and best course of action to take.  


We need a council member like Sharon who carefully scrutinized the Cheval Blanc project and had the insight to vote against it.  She also understood that the project should have been reviewed by the Architectural Commission.   


One of Sharon’s plans is to hire the appropriate experts to help us get our housing element plan accepted, so our neighborhoods will not be ruined by tall Builder’s Remedy projects, because it is obvious that our present team can’t cut it.


I also like that Sharon is a renter.  With about 60% of our residents being renters, we should have at least one renter on the council so the interests of all of our residents will be represented.


More about Sharon’s qualifications can be found at this link:

                          What People Say about Sharon Persovski

              and her Excellence as an Architectural Commissioner


"I wanted to take a moment to express my support for Sharon Persovski for the Beverly Hills City Council.  I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon during her term on the Beverly Hills Architectural Review Board and can attest to her strong leadership skills, dedication to the community, and continually holding project applicants to a high level of design for incoming projects to Beverly Hills.  As the former chair of the Architectural Review Commission, Sharon led by example and set a high standard for incoming commissioners to follow.  Sharon has a deep understanding of the issues facing Beverly Hills and values what makes Beverly Hills such a special and unique city.  In the Beverly Hills community, Sharon has demonstrated a commitment to public service and has worked to improve the lives of those around her, and has shown a willingness to listen to all voices in the community.  I believe that Sharon has the experience, and dedication to benefit the City of Beverly Hills. For the reasons listed above, I endorse Sharon for the Beverly Hills City Council and encourage others to do the same.” 


Sincerely, Tim Devlin, Beverly Hills Architectural Commission Chair

“I know Ms. Persovski for many years through her services at the Architectural Commission.  Ms. Persovski is very knowledgeable, fair and devoted.  She will be a great asset to the City Council of Beverly Hills.”


Hamid Gabbay, Former Planning Commission Chair



“I have found Sharon to be an independent but thoughtful candidate.  She knows the issues that face the city and has given careful consideration to solutions.  She has done her homework.  She is not afraid to think outside of the box and to be a sole vote if, after listening to all sides of an issue and evaluating the information, that represents her position and benefits the residents.”


Sonia Berman, Former Human Relations Commissioner



“The City of Beverly Hills can benefit by having someone like Sharon on the Council.  She has a strong interest in the aesthetics of the city.  This is important as Beverly Hills is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world, and it's why so many people are attracted to it.  More important to her than being right, is to be respectful and to listen. Not only will the residents benefit having a smart, creative, and caring person such as Sharon representing them, but those on the City Council will benefit as well having a colleague who keeps her ego in her pocket.”


Lewis Hall, Former Governing Member of the BHUSD



"I endorse Sharon Persovski as my candidate for Beverly Hills City Council as I support and agree with her steadfast determination to deter and reduce crime in Beverly HIlls.  Her mission is to increase police presence, in addition to cameras and drones, in order to help the residents of this city regain their sense of safety that they once held onto so securely.  I also admire her dedication to helping heal those with illnesses and disabilities through art, especially in the underserved communities.  Sharon is concerned with the development of our city, but she considers the integrity of the architecture and the impact on residential safety, daily life, and traffic above all else."


Pablo Nankin, M.D., Beverly Hills Resident



"I’m proud to support Sharon Persovski for the Beverly Hills City Council.  I’ve had the privilege of working with her during her six years as an Architectural Commissioner and have seen her kindness, and knowledge, and assertiveness up close.  Sharon’s deep passion for the city and her strong support for residents make her the ideal candidate.  Beyond her public service, Sharon also leads a non-profit dedicated to helping children with illnesses through impactful art, community, and environmental projects in underserved areas.  Her dedication to making long-term improvements is just what Beverly Hills needs.  I believe that Sharon Persovski’s leadership will bring positive change to our community."


Shawn Far, Beverly Hills Resident



“With a proven track record of dedication to our community through her extensive experience working for Beverly Hills, Sharon embodies the qualities we need. Her commitment to service, coupled with her exceptional character as a loving mother, makes her the ideal candidate to lead us forward.”


Raquel Cohen, Beverly Hills Resident



“A vote for Sharon, Creative Smart and Down to Earth.”


Ellen Lutwak, Beverly Hills Resident



"I am supporting Sharon Persovski because not only is she smart, and a good listener, but she can also think outside the box.


I have known Sharon for 15 years, we met thru her involvement in the Reflections Program.   Then over the years we volunteered at many school and city events together.  Her devotion, organization and leadership skills made me know she was someone who would get things done! 


Sharon is an honest and passionate candidate who will put the residents of Beverly Hills first.  


Some of her concerns and priorities that I am in alignment with:

•public safety and technology

•mental health programs

•helping thru art 

•cultural inclusion and celebrating diversity 

•the canon metro stop and all the issues surrounding it

•the architectural integrity of our community and the importance of following the city’s permit process 


A vote for Sharon Persovski is a vote for transparency and authenticity." 


Julie Dobkin Gilbert, Beverly Hills Resident



"With a creative vision, strong leadership, and a warm heart, Sharon is the perfect choice for the Beverly Hills City Council.”

Jon Paul Puno, Beverly Hills Resident

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