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                                      Why I’m for Craig Corman


The very bright and intelligent Craig Corman is indisputably the best qualified council candidate, with 8 years of service on the planning commission, 4 years of service on the cultural heritage commission, and on top of that and so very important, he is an attorney.


Being an attorney alone, though, is not what makes a big difference.  If a council member is an attorney who won’t review the materials very thoroughly and won’t crack open a law book if necessary, and just takes the lazy way out and asks the city attorney or city staff any questions, his law degree is only an advantage.  


Also, there are different levels of lawyers.  Craig is an attorney who is experienced in handling civil litigation which is a very challenging high level of legal practice that requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and a great deal of work.


Craig is an accomplished attorney who has the interest, energy, and responsibility to dig into the materials and learn all major aspects of an issue or project.  And that makes all of the difference in the world. 


A conscientious, intelligent attorney like Craig cannot very easily be hoodwinked.  If anyone tries to con him, he will figure it out.  And that is very important in our city because I am sorry to report that there are times when incorrect information has been provided by staff and even the city attorney’s office to commissioners and council members.  


I do not always agree with Craig Corman’s positions, but he has always been willing to discuss issues with me and exchange information, and has always been honest about when he disagreed with me.  


In sum, we really need someone like Craig Corman on the council, so I hope you will vote for him.


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