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Residents Against Overdevelopment opposed the monolithic Cheval Blanc Hotel and with the help and donations of many residents, our side prevailed.


Our next endeavor is to set up a Confidential Referendum Registry to enable residents to get important issues on the ballot for residents to vote on like we did on Cheval Blanc.

When it comes to a significant change to our city, it is our city and all of us should be able to weigh in--not just five council members.

To get something on the ballot, we will need the signatures of approximately 3,000 residents in a very short period of time--usually 30 days.  It is very expensive to hire people to go out and gather so many signatures. Fortunately, the union did the heavy lifting on gathering signatures to place Cheval Blanc on the ballot.  Since we will not have the union's help, we have started a Confidential Referendum Registry to secure contact information and e-mail addresses for residents who will be ready to consider signing a referendum petition to place an issue on the ballot.  That way, we should be able to collect petition signatures expeditiously and inexpensively should the occasion arise.  


If we do not already have your contact information, please provide it to us at  Your contact information will be kept confidential.  


Thank you.  

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